For most people, employment negotiation is always intimidating. You are not sure where to start negotiating for better pay. Plus, it is hardly a standard course taught in all colleges. That means most people get into the job market without any skills whatsoever at negotiating employment contracts. At times, you know that you deserve better pay, but the issue is where to start. You want to approach the issue respectfully and confidently, backing your point with strong evidence, but you do not have the right words. Always remember that this is one of the essential conversations you will continually have during the course of your career. If you are asking yourself, can I hire an attorney to help me negotiate? It is possible. In fact, your chances of a better outcome increase with an experienced Orange County Employment law Attorney assisting you.

Negotiating Employment and Pay

Even with an impressive CV, you could be leaving some money on the table by not negotiating for a better salary. Here are some tips that can help. You need to start pay negotiations as informed as possible..   Do some research about what the current pay range is for the position you’re interviewing for, in the same market segment, size of company and geographic region.  Then, contact an experienced Orange County Employment Attorney and provide her with the information you’ve discovered.  She will strategize with you to obtain the upper end of the pay scale.

Build Your Argument

Once the potential employer gives you the salary offer, do not simply counter it with a bigger number and assume you are good to go. As your Orange County Employment Negotiation Attorney will inform you, you need to explain why you deserve more. This is where you highlight your achievements, strengths and how much value you will be bringing to the company. Do not be modest. Let the company know what it is getting from you. Before heading to the negotiation table, identify solid examples of how your skills can improve the company and further its mission. Tying your unique experience to the role you are applying for makes a strong case as to why you should get paid more.

Leave Emotions Out of It

In salary negotiations, never allow your personal life to come into play. Let your expertise and strengths do that talking for you. An employer cares about the value you are bringing to the company, more than the fact that you need the money because your child is just starting college in Orange County.

How An Attorney Can Help

There are many reasons why you should not negotiate on your own but rather work with an experienced Employment law Attorney in Orange County. Here is why:

  • By simply having an attorney on your side, you give the impression that you are serious about the business opportunity.
  • A knowledgeable attorney has a better understanding of how to negotiate for what you want.
  • The attorney most likely knows a few more things than you do about contracts and the leeway companies have in putting together a compensation package. For instance, you may assume that the terms of your contract are written in stone. Or, you may not know that you can negotiate for working hours, retirement benefits, working conditions, reasonable accommodations and time off. An attorney will work for you to negotiate better terms for your contract.
  • An attorney helps you get better pay and benefits. It is not uncommon to hear people on the same level getting paid differently. To ensure you are not taken advantage of, consult with an experienced Employment Law Attorney in Orange County. Attorneys are skilled at knowing how to negotiate win-win scenarios and so they will push for a reasonable offer.
  • Level the playing field: When negotiating with a potential employer, there will be an imbalance in power dynamics. The company may have a team of business attorneys and a human resource department representing its interests. When you have an attorney representing you in the negotiations, it will not feel like you are helpless or doing this alone.

As seen, there are many advantages of hiring an experienced Employment Law Attorney in employment negotiation. Most people aren’t sure how to approach the subject without feeling uncomfortable. If you are in this predicament, The Law Offices of Katharina Martinka will be glad to help. I can represent you behind the scenes and/or at the negotiation table and ensure you are paid what you are worth.