Company Testimonials

     5.0 stars

During the past two years that Ms. Martinka has served as part-time in-house counsel for our company, she has provided excellent legal counsel on a wide variety of matters for us. She is well-organized, persuasive and has a laser focus on the bottom line. She works efficiently and effectively with all levels of our organization and produces results. She is an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker who devises creative solutions to business challenges.

CEO of a homebuilding company

Katie is very thorough and a pleasure to work with. She is very experienced and provides real value.

General Counsel of a large SaaS company

Ms. Martinka’s legal efforts on my behalf produced outstanding results. I was in a dispute with a major international corporation when I engaged her to settle this dispute. Her legal background, coupled with her outstanding negotiating skills proved to be an outstanding combination saving me $100,000s. I was always very comfortable with the way she approached the issues which was both very professional and highly ethical.

Ms. Martinka always kept me well informed of the progress, the strategies, and continually solicited my thoughts and advice. I would highly recommend Ms. Martinka for any position that required someone with outstanding legal, business, and negotiating skills.

Former President of a very large international company

I am writing about the legal services Ms. Martinka provided… As a founder, I was dedicated to the success of the company at a deep emotional level, and selecting either business suppliers or service providers was always a crucial decision. It was always a great comfort to me to know I could rely on her legal and business judgment during our long association, whatever the transaction.

I especially valued her attention to detail and ability to draft the precise legal documents necessary to capture the exact terms of the transaction that we were working on at the time. Moreover, her responsiveness to the matters in hand always ensured that the transaction always proceeded just as fast as the business decisions could be made.

Founder of a direct marketing company


I would like to express my appreciation for Ms. Martinka’s advice and assistance during the many projects that we worked on together. It was always a great comfort to me to know I could rely on her legal advice and business expertise in regards to the difficult employee matters that arose.

Her intellect and knowledge in assisting with the matters regarding employees, Employee Manuals, Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreements were greatly appreciated. I especially valued her attention to detail and ability to draft legal documents associated with the process of employment.

Most importantly, she instilled confidence through her professional practice and attention to detail. We value her as a person as well as a resource.

Human Resources Director at a technology company

I want to thank Ms. Martinka for the legal services she provided regarding an employment contract that I was recently considering. She was very helpful in providing an overall review of the document, comparing the proposed language to current market standards, and making suggestions regarding potential alternative language on certain clauses. Her initial review of the document was completed promptly, with great attention to detail.

I appreciated her ability to analyze and “translate” the legal language into “easy-to understand” concepts so that I could readily grasp the business implications of the contract. She also supported her observations with data on generally accepted contract formats in my local market, which I was able pass on to my employer (who was located in another state). In addition, she provided possible revisions that maintained the spirit of the document while providing the necessary employee protections.

As a result of our discussions, the original document was not utilized as a basis for my new contract, and I was able to identify key issues which required further negotiation with my employer. On a more personal note, I enjoyed working with her on this transaction. Her dedication, concern and interest in supporting me as a client were much appreciated and she has earned my enthusiastic recommendation.

Senior Banking Vice President, in transition

I recently had significant ethics issues with my former employer which became unbearable to continue to work under those conditions. I contacted my network of HR professionals desperately looking for a competent attorney. I spoke to several to no avail, until I spoke to Katharina Martinka. I found her to be extremely competent, to the point, and not afraid to take on a President, CEO, COB, and Board Directors. She managed my expectations, represented my issues with salient legal points, and ultimately negotiated an appropriate settlement on my behalf. I highly recommend Katharina to those in need of good, sound and competent legal counsel.

Human Resources Vice President of a publicly held company

I hired Ms. Martinka to represent me in a tough scenario surrounding a separation agreement from my last employer. This was absolutely the correct decision. She was always incredibly reliable, accessible, professional and, as she continued with negotiations, remained consistently focused on the end result and a timely outcome. With this said, we were able to avoid a potentially complicated and lengthy litigation process and arrive at a very fair settlement with the company. Ms. Martinka is also very honest and personable, and made this process as painless as possible for me. I highly recommend her for any situation that you may have pertaining to business law.

Vice President of a Fortune 15 company