Get The Severance Package You Deserve

Do you get the feeling that you’re slowly being edged out of your current company? 

Do you feel that all of your contributions and sacrifices will be swept under the rug as you get pushed out of your executive role? 

And are you seriously reluctant to undergo the emotional and psychological stress that you KNOW is part and parcel of the upcoming negotiation process?

If you answered yes to any of these questions... then here’s the thing:

you need a lawyer who understands
what you're going through

Need help negotiating your severance package or equity participation agreement?

I have extensive experience and knowledge to secure the best package possible for you. Let me help you receive the generous package that you deserve, so you can make this transition a smoother one while focusing on the things that matter most to you.

What You Need, Delivered

You need someone who you can hand over the reins to entirely, without any reservations or doubts.
I take control of all negotiations for you from the start.
You need reliable, effective guidance from someone who has not just years, but decades of experience with the exact situation you’re going through.
Rest assured that I am one of the best negotiators around. I have helped many clients right where you are reach their goals.
You need the best negotiator in your corner: someone who goes above and beyond to get you the package you’re entitled to, because she knows exactly how much this matters for your future.
I go above and beyond to get you the package you’re entitled to as this will play a huge role in your future.

That's how you get total peace of mind.

That's how you turn the page, with a completely clean slate.

That's how you can move on to the next chapter of your life, with complete financial and reputational security.

I know from 29 years of practicing Business and Employment law that executives negotiating severance deals can face immense stress and pressure.

Lawyer consulting at desk with contracts


Well, chances are, your current company will not offer you the best deal right off the bat. They have hired guns and entire departments to make sure they always negotiate the best deal….for them!

Which means LESS for you.

So it's up to me to fight for what you're entitled to.

When You Partner With Me You Can Be Confident That You'll Get:

A more generous severance package that lives up to your expectations (and is no less than what you DESERVE).
A less stressful, more seamless negotiation process
Consistent, reliable communication and weekly check-ins. (When we work together, I make sure you’re never left in the dark).
A clean slate from which you can easily pivot to your next executive role - no delays, no drawn-out back and forths.
Complete peace of mind that you’re executing on the best possible severance package you could imagine.

So If You Want To:

Ensure that your contributions and sacrifices are recognized and compensated fairly

Easily pivot to a more lucrative executive position with another company

Avoid the high stress and pressure frequently associated with this negotiation process

Have confidence that your severance package is in line with the high value you’ve provided to this company

Protect your long-term professional trajectory

Get the financial benefits and
recognition you are entitled to, and that you’re asking for

When we work together, you can rest assured that your best interests will be represented and that you'll see the best negotiation deal possible.

Hear What My Past Clients Have To Say About My Work:

“Ms. Martinka's legal background, coupled with her negotiating skills, proved to be an outstanding combination saving me hundreds of thousands.

- Former President of a large international corporation

“Ms. Martinka was always incredibly reliable, accessible, and professional. The whole time, she remained consistently focused on the end result and a timely outcome.”

- Vice President of a Fortune 15 company

“Ms. Martinka was not afraid to take on a President, CEO, COB, and Board of Directors. She represented my issues with salient legal points, and ultimately negotiated an appropriate settlement on my behalf. I highly recommend Katharina!”

- Human Resources Vice President of a publicly held company

Start the ball rolling on getting your new and improved severance package TODAY.