Here to make a difference.

Some clients hire me to protect their $40 billion businesses from over-looked liabilities and hidden vulnerabilities in their policies, practices, and procedures. 

Other clients hire me because they want to tie up all those legal loose ends that are preventing them from experiencing exponential growth. 

And other individual clients hire me to negotiate improved financial security as they depart from one executive role to the next.

Whatever your reason is for hiring interim legal counsel, at its core, my services all have one thing in common...

my job is to make your life easier.

And that’s exactly what I do for my clients: advocate for what they deserve; protect their long-term interests, and further their business goals. 

So what can I do for You?

As an outsourced, interim and project General Counsel with 30 years of experience in Intellectual Property, Corporate Compliance, Employment and Business law, I’ve counseled everyone from boards, to CEOs, to VPs, to business leaders of publicly and privately held companies. 

In each case, I’ve provided streamlined, reliable legal guidance that generates measurable ROI for both businesses and individuals.

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My question to you is

What results are you looking for?

Because I'm ready to help drive them for you.

Fun Facts!

Here are some passions I have outside of work


World Travel

Foods of all cultures

Wine Tastings