Get Interim Legal Counsel
That Delivers Results

Are you interested in receiving specialized expertise that fills the gaps in your current legal team? 

Do you need to duplicate or temporarily replace your current General Counsel?

And are you interested in straight-forward, easy communication, free from time-consuming games of phone-tag and hand-holding? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions - then I can help. 

When you partner with me, you can be confident that you'll:

Be able to drive your legal projects to successful and expedient conclusions
Get reliable legal counsel that is responsive, communicative, and collaborative. (Never have to play phone tag with your lawyer again!)
Know your current team will receive the streamlined help they need, on an expedited timeline
Be able to rest easy with peace of mind that your company’s liability and compliance concerns are FULLY addressed

Many in-house legal teams lack creative problem solving

  They never use new ways to approach an issue leading to 'that's the way we've always done it' ineffective methods.

My approach to a challenge involves curiosity, tech savvy, and a passion for solutions.  A new set of eyes and ideas on any problem helps boost your team's drive towards success.

Avoid the mistake of relying on law firm attorneys who lack the business experience required for specialized projects.

Over the past 3 decades working alongside business teams in marketing, sales, operations, customer service, human resources and professional services, I’ve heard the same complaints from clients relying on traditional law firm attorneys. Things like...

Incredibly high legal fees that come as a surprise

Much of the time you’re paying inflated amounts to partners for a junior associate to do much of the heavy lifting.

Unreachable senior partners

If you find yourself wasting precious time and capital just trying to get in contact with your lawyer… you’ve got a problem.

Misunderstandings and slow-downs

Outside counsel doesn’t understand your day-to-day operations, and they’re certainly not concerned with information silos and cross-business miscommunications, since they’re detached from your business and often just ‘parachuting in’ to review the four corners of a document.

Wash your hands of all these problems by opting for experienced interim legal counsel.

Here’s what I can promise you throughout this process:

Outstanding eye for details

Innovative solutions

Big-picture focus on the end result

Streamlining Interdepartmental Processes

Consistent communication and updates

Unparalleled return on investment for your hard-earned capital, that will provide your company security and peace of mind

Check out the following questions to see if you could benefit from my Services:

Do you need OUTSTANDING legal counsel for a specific project or an interim period? 
Are you interested in detail focused services that never miss a trick and leave no stone unturned?
Is your company being held back from progress by siloed, unsupported team members and understaffed legal departments?
Have you struggled to find short-term reliable help so far? Are you finding yourself increasingly frustrated by nagging issues that have no resolution in sight?

Because the truth is, you shouldn't have to worry about any of these things.

When we work together, you can rest assured that your best interests will be furthered and that you'll get unparalleled legal counsel.

Hear What My Past Clients Have To Say About My Work:

“Ms. Martinka has provided excellent legal counsel on a wide variety of matters for us. She is well-organized, persuasive and has a laser focus on the bottom line. She works efficiently and effectively with all levels of our organization to produce RESULTS."

- CEO of a homebuilder

“I especially valued Ms. Martinka’s attention to detail and her responsiveness to the matters at hand. Transactions always proceeded just as fast as business decisions could be made.”

- Founder of a direct marketing company

“Katie is very thorough and a pleasure to work with. She is very experienced and provides real value.” 

- General Counsel of large SaaS company