Top 4 Internet Scams to Prepare for as a Business

Image via Unsplash Top 4 Internet Scams to Prepare for as a Business There have always been thieves trying to bring down businesses. But as technology continues to advance, criminals have developed

Maximizing the Exit Value of Your Company

Eventually, all businesses are either sold or ownership is otherwise transferred.  How do you, as a business owner, make it more attractive to buyers and increase its exit value to
Final paycheck Laws

Final Paycheck Laws and How They Apply to Me

What are final paycheck laws? Final paycheck laws are the employment laws that dictate how an employer must handle and distribute a former employee's final paycheck. These laws vary from state

General Counsel and How it Could Benefit You

In today’s world, General Counsel brings more than legal expertise to companies. They are business and legal advisors to the senior leadership team and cross-functional business units, and they bring