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Don't let your Severance Package Sever You From Your Money

--by Katharina Martinka

Many executives are finding themselves stunned, exasperated and confused when they hear and try to mentally process the words, “Youre fired”, “You’re being downsized” or "We’re going in a different direction and you're not going to be part of it”. In today’s tough economy, companies are ..."

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How Part-Time, In-House General Counsel Can Save You Money

--by Katharina Martinka

If you are responsible for legal expenses in your organization, you know how difficult it has been to contain costs over the last few years. Given the litigious nature of our society -- and increased regulatory mandates across industries -- legal and other general administrative costs are soaring to unprecedented heights. But you are still expected to reduce expenses.

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Common Legal Issues in the Software Industry

--by Katharina Martinka

In the software industry, the most common legal issues we encounter usually involve contracts and litigation, and include employment-related issues, regulatory issues, and various issues dealing with ownership of intellectual property. I would like to highlight a few of these issues below.

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I have 25 years of legal and operational experience as a business and turnaround consultant, chief legal counsel and secretary to Boards of Directors of both publicly and privately held companies. I have a unique talent for taking the pain out of SOX and delivering sound solutions to reduce G&A costs and streamline business processes to dramatically improve a company's bottom line.


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